The benefits are immediate. After the first hit with FLUENDO on the racket there is a noticeable special comfort that translates into a positive game experience.
The reduced intensity of the vibration stimulates in a slight way the sensorial receptors therefore limiting the pain.
Fluendo, made with a particular biomedical nontoxic and hypoallergenic silicone, increases the comfort while allowing to reduce the pressure on the grip.
For this reason, using FLUENDO the movements become smoother and more fluid.

For all of those that are coming back after a forced interruption or have problems typically linked to the wear and or functional overloading, FLUENDO offers the opportunity to play safely.
The reduction of the trauma in the arms, together with the consequent increased fluidity of movements enabled by the exceptional capacity of absorbing the vibrations, triggers a mechanism linked to the prevention and functional recovery.
FLUENDO alters in a very minimal way the characteristics of the racket and allows a continuous/ongoing activity while also respecting your game/play style.

Once the more critic phases of the inflammations caused by the excessive mechanical strains (vibrations) have been surpassed, with the use of FLUENDO it is possible to develop a superior volume of game compared to any other scenario.
With FLUENDO on the racket you will save on medical bills and/or physical therapy sessions given that FLUENDO is the first, unique certified and patented device to filter and reduce the excessive vibrations that “travel” along the shaft that will harm your body.
Constantly used, FLUENDO will enable you to invest on your health bettering the feeling with your racket and your game.

Every medical or physical therapy bill has definitely a higher cost than buying FLUENDO.
In addition, you also may not need to change your racket in case of a physical problem in your arm.

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