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FLUENDO has had an immediate positive feedback from doctors and physiotherapists who treat athletes and especially tennis players.
Among those, we can name:

Patients with pathologies influencing the action of the arm have undergone a TEST using FLUENDO.
Noticeable and expected improvements have been tracked thanks to the main action of the device: a drastical absorption of the low frequency vibrations, one of the main causes of these pathologies.

The positive characteristics of FLUENDO have also been illustrated by doctor Rodolfo Lisi, specialist in Motor Science Education and Posturology in his book “LE PATOLOGIE DEL TENNISTA” (The pathologies of the tennis player) [Ghedimedia]


MEDICAL-FITNESS has become one of the most important tools to reduce healthcare costs in the social sphere.
Both occupational and general medicine are developing operational projects to combat sedentary lifestyle and reduce work risk factors.

Applied Technology and Fitness are the main tools identified by Medicine to intervene on all 3 main levels of Prevention:

  1. PRIMARY PREVENTION: hinder the onset of diseases by limiting or avoiding the causes.
  2. SECONDARY PREVENTION: Early diagnosis
  3. TERTIARY PREVENTION: decrease the probability of recurrence.

There is a fourth level of prevention, quaternary prevention, which however being linked to over-medicalization and excessive use of therapies, is exclusively medical.

FLUENDO is a perfect example of technology applied to tennis. We could summarize its function as follows:

PRIMARY PREVENTION: helps the unhealthy tennis player to stay healthy.
SECONDARY PREVENTION: promotes the healing process of the injured tennis player.
TERTIARY PREVENTION: reduces the risk of recurrence by the healed tennis player.

Medical Report by Giovanni Di Giacomo
Scientific Technical Report by Gliulio Clerici
Scientific Technical Report AMTI
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