Fluendo Care



The FLUENDO CARE version supports the fight against breast cancer.
€ 19.90 will be donated on each piece sold to the Ramazzini Institute, Cancer Research Center Cesare Maltoni – Bentivoglio – Bologna



Patented design vibration damper in non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone polymer, resistant to mechanical stress, weighing only 15 grams, exploiting the energy generated by the tension of the materials and their shape memory wraps the arms of most of the rackets currently on the market creating an elastic barrier that absorbs the peak vibrations generated by the impact of the tennis ball on the stringbed or on the frame of a racket reducing by more than 70% the vibrations that generate problems in the wrist, elbow and shoulder. The positioning between the handle and the stringbed does not alter the center of gravity of the racket and does not disturb the balance of the racket and the mechanics of the strokes The transparent version makes it almost neutral on the colors of each racket while the COLOR versions customize the rackets and define the player’s character.