Report test: anti-vibration system.


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The instrumental tests have been done to measure in a qualitative and quantitative way the behavior and response
of the anti-vibration devices FLUENDO LOOP - FLUENDO 5G - FLUENDO DOCTOR in the racquet sports of tennis
and padel, (even if we can use them also for all the racket and bat sports).
Tests have been standardized to allow a credible and affordable simulation of impacts in the presence of a beating
mass hitting the tennis racket and padel "pala".
Measurements were carried out using a piezoelectric clip-detector applied to the handle of the rackets whose signal,
pre-amplified with the same gain for all tests, was conveyed to the computer where was digitally recorded using a
specific software, at 44000Hz.
Recording and sampling carried out on multiple impacts, has allowed to detect the signal peaks and frequency
distribution as well as the signal decay mode in the in relation to the time coordinates.

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